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Ultra Slim Toshiba Laptops land this week!

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Are you looking for a laptop solution that does not sacrifice quality and power for lightweight portability? Does the cost of a Macbook Air just fill you with despair and some of the cheap high street alternatives seem utterly unconvincing? Why not then consider the Toshiba Portege R830-10Q we have landing this week. Toshiba's Portégé range is aimed at high-level business users who need both portability and massive power. These ultra slim, lightweight business level laptops offer real processing power with a stylish black magnesium chassis and brushed metallic finish. The slim and easily portable 13.3" R830 is optimized for frequent travelers. It is powered by Intel Core i7 processor featuring improved adaptive performance that adds speed when you need it and built-in visual capabilities for a better PC experience you can see. There are only a limited amount of these units available as they will undoubtedly prove extremely popular on the Refurb market. Originally £1600 + VAT, the EIT price of just £369.00 for a Grade A machine we think offers real value for money. To find out a little more, have a look here.  

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So why buy a second hand laptop?

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I have worked with refurbished notebooks for nearly 15 years, and can safely say that as long as you follow some simple guidelines, buying a second hand laptop can often be a perfectly safe and cost effective approach. First and foremost, pick your brand carefully. 'Consumer' brands found cheaply in the leading high street stores are generally not suitable as refurbs. Business level models such as the IBM and Lenovo Thinkpad, Dell Latitude (not the Inspiron), Toshiba Tecra (not the Satellite) are designed for high level usage and have better componants, plastics and shelf life. Many were originally priced at well over £1000 and were built to last. A laptop that is 2-3 years old will generally have a good deal of life left and might even have the residue of a manufacturers warranty - a 3 year warranty is a good sign they are confident with their product! I am seeing more and more cheap consumer models breaking at the hinges, slowing to a crawl and lasting about a year before they start giving up the ghost. Secondly, choose your supplier carefully. I would look at the sort of equipment they are selling. Good refurb sellers know which units are reliable and are the most unlikely to have problems. Back to point 1 - brand! Many sellers will not warranty batteries. These are consumables, and over time they simply run out. This is quite normal, and more often than not the batteries they supply will hold some charge. Never fear however - finding new batteries and other componants for these leading brands is an easy and relatively inexpensive business. The best thing to do is power your laptop off the mains whenever you can, [...]