What is the Ethical IT Company?

The Ethical IT Company prides itself in being an environmentally and ethically conscious IT reseller, serving Businesses and Home Users in Bath, Bristol and beyond.

Many of our valued customers recognise the importance of ‘green’ issues, but unlike many providers of ‘green’ products and services, we don’t hoik up our prices and penalise you for considering the environment.

Were you aware that the manufacture of a single PC requires over 1.5 tonnes of materials, not to mention the consumption of more than 10 times its own weight in fossil fuels? This high energy use during manufacture is compounded by a PC’s unnecessarily short lifespan. While most green IT efforts focus on reducing power consumption, a true environmental impact assessment must study the entire product lifecycle.

As 75% of the environmental damage occurs during the PC production process, extending a PC’s usable life span is surely the most effective method of reducing their environmental cost.

We supply a large selection of ex-corporate laptops so that our customers can enjoy the benefits of a Tier 1, pre-owned business model (proper design, better and quieter cooling, better quality materials) for the price of a low end consumer model.

At The Ethical IT Company we like to keep it simple. After years of working with refurbished and second hand laptops, we have learnt which manufacturers to trust and which to steer clear of. Brands such as IBM, Lenovo, Hewlett Packard and Dell are still very much the corporate choice due to their robust and durable nature.

Costing well in excess of £1000 2 or 3 years ago, these refurbished models can be purchased at a fraction of the price and still offer superb reliable performance.

We source our laptops from major IT recycling and refurbishment companies throughout the UK and Europe. We buy these units in a working condition with all data professionally removed. They are thoroughly checked over and come complete with a Windows operating system and our own ‘Ethical IT Suite’, so they are ready to use straight out of the box.